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The Impact of Mobile Marketing on Mobile Users

Mobile marketing has helped the mobile users enhance their relationship with the organization brand. The interaction between the consumers and the organization has been enhanced. Mobile phones have created a good platform for delivering information to the organizations. The introduction of mobile advertisement has made it easy for consumers to purchase their products using mobile devices, and this has made to the increase in the purchase response (Leppäniemi & Karjaluoto, 2005).
Compared to the traditional methods of marketing, mobile marketing has tremendously changed the perception of marketing today. The mobile users’ perception towards marketing has changed, and they feel it personal as though they are part of the marketing strategy (Church & Smyth, 2009). The consumers who are the users of mobiles feel as though they own the organization. The change in perception towards organization and businesses has been reported as a result of mobile marketing. Several companies are now recording a significant increase in the number of customers purchasing their products (Smutkupt, Krairit, & Esichaikul, 2010).
Mobile marketing has been a success in the recent year. This has been contributed by the fact that the user of the mobile is instantly getting convinced upon receiving the message on a certain product or services being offered. This has contributed greatly to the organization to create relevance in marketing communication messages in meeting the expectations of the customers (Varnali & Toker, 2010).
This mode of advertisement has been able to meet the satisfaction of most customers. This is because most customers are always getting frequent updates on the organization progress and the introduction of new products at the disposal. This has been able to save customers a lot of time and resources as opposed to the old methods including the use of internet. This up to date ...
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Mobile advertising, an area of mobile commerce, targets users of handheld wireless devices such as mobile phones. Mobile marketing has impacted the customers and make them loyal to organizations thus creating a…
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