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Business/Marketing Plan - Research Paper Example


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Business/Marketing Plan

The other reason the project should be identified is for the stakeholders to evaluate the profitability of investing and if it is worth carrying on with the project development. Uncertain projects often have no estimated costs till their completion and may make stakeholders incur huge expenses on a simple project. Mainly, practicum projects have some fixed number of participants who are to attend the project. Identifying the project is thus, essential to know what benefits it has on individuals and plan appropriately for the expected number of participants. Identifying the project is also fundamental to know the scope and the expected clients. A times, some projects are developed in inaccessible areas where it will be hard for clients to reach for instance, clinical dispensaries. If the project is not identified resources will be wasted; if after setting up that project no one comes/visits the facility, then it would cost some people yet, the project is not working as initially planned. Therefore, identification of a project is fundamental business activity to reduce some uncertain losses and ensure it meets its set goals and objectives of giving desired profits. 2. The clinic The health care is set up with the intention of meeting the needs of all the patients within the region. The health care facility is expected to expand with time and that is why it has been established in a free area where there is room for extension when the time comes. After completion of the tools and apparatus

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Marketing plan
Food industry is really vast and has enormous opportunities. I am ready to acquire success through hard work and also help others along the way. So according to me, restaurant business is an ideal option for me and my crew. I am sure I can afford to invest money for commencing this business.
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E-Business Marketing Plan and CRM
Along with this, the company will also target different schools as this product can also be used for the safety of the students. The main geographic market being targeted by the company is that of United States of America (USA). Some of the characteristics of primary target market of Kidz-IDz are that they are caring and concerned with respect to the safety of their children and are ready to spend money in order to ensure that the children are protected and safe.
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Marketing portion update for a Electronic Medical record Business plan
The healthcare sector among those leading in the inculcation of ICT in data handling, this is mostly due to the momentous margins of error manifested in the paper based records resulting in myriad issues ranging from confidentiality to loss of patient information.
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Marketing plan/Business Plan
The product being launched is a handheld retinal scanning device that uses laser technology to instantly recognize the patient, offering hospitals, emergency crews and other clinical staff members an instantaneous patient profile and history. This device is
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You are an entrepreneur launching a new business. Explain what marketing is and why is it important to your new business. Include the benefits of a marekting plan
Marketing will have two main factors which are to acquire new customers and retain customers once they have been attracted to the company’s products. Retaining customers comes as a result of expanding relationships between the
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Marketing Plan
In order to fully address customer needs, the tastes and preferences of the customer have to be identified and put into consideration when operationalizing strategies to capture the target market (Daviron & Ponte, 2006). In so doing, understanding the diversity
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Business Plan - Marketing Section
It then develops a strong value proposition for the company and shows how it can improve its bottom line and make customers understand why they should buy its products. It finally introduces the pricing strategy
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Marketing Plan
strategic changes, the company has evolved in terms of brand development and diversification to become the third largest telecommunication company in the US. Today, the company offers a wide range of services including voice, broadband and messaging services with the US. The
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Marketing Plan
The marketing plan of Apple Inc. will elaborate the current market situation through the evaluation of micro environment and
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Marketing Plan
New edition of Microsoft Office 2016 is to be introduced to public as a modified version designed for tablet computers, smart phones and to be applied in various business and consumer markets. The main idea is to introduce
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installation, a physician who has been practicing since 1999 as the Chief of Podiatry will be in charge of the facility. The health clinic is located 4200 N Rodney Parham Little Rock AR. This region is the most strategic for all patients and the facility expects to serve a good number of clients because of its location. To help in the administering of services, the clinic has two physicians who have high experience in the group. A private doctor is also stationed here making a total of three physicians. The clinic staff is made up of two front desk/insurance, two technicians and one nurse. Jointly, the physicians and the staff are expected to work hand-in-hand to ensure smooth service delivery to all patients. As a new health facility, the clinic strives to offer the best care to each patient daily via education, incorporated practice, and research. The clinic design of care is stated top quality, concerned medical care presented in multispecialty and incorporated academic body. The main concentration, satisfying the patients’ wants, is attained through adopting the following crucial features as the practice keeps evolving. Patient care Cooperative, friendly, staff teamwork with real multi-specialty incorporation A measured investigation with time for listening to patients Staff taking individual responsibility for guiding patient care with time in association with the regional physician Excellent patient quality offered with trust and consideration Environment Top quality staff motivated in the tradition of the clinic and cherished for their contributions Appreciated expertise allied-health staff having a concrete work ethic, distinct specialization and commitment to the clinic operations Physician guidance A scholarly surrounding of education and research 3. The implementation plan is presented Implementation plan is essential to determining the overall success of the institution. The clinic plan for flourishing beginning is founded


Business/Marketing Plan Name Institution Business/Marketing Plan 1. The need or reason for the project is identified. In any business of investment for profit making, investors often need to identify the project because that is what they will be investing on and they have a right to know all the details about the projects…
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Business/Marketing Plan essay example
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