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Business/Marketing Plan Name Institution Business/Marketing Plan 1. The need or reason for the project is identified. In any business of investment for profit making, investors often need to identify the project because that is what they will be investing on and they have a right to know all the details about the projects.


The other reason the project should be identified is for the stakeholders to evaluate the profitability of investing and if it is worth carrying on with the project development. Uncertain projects often have no estimated costs till their completion and may make stakeholders incur huge expenses on a simple project. Mainly, practicum projects have some fixed number of participants who are to attend the project. Identifying the project is thus, essential to know what benefits it has on individuals and plan appropriately for the expected number of participants. Identifying the project is also fundamental to know the scope and the expected clients. A times, some projects are developed in inaccessible areas where it will be hard for clients to reach for instance, clinical dispensaries. If the project is not identified resources will be wasted; if after setting up that project no one comes/visits the facility, then it would cost some people yet, the project is not working as initially planned. Therefore, identification of a project is fundamental business activity to reduce some uncertain losses and ensure it meets its set goals and objectives of giving desired profits. 2. The clinic The health care is set up with the intention of meeting the needs of all the patients within the region. ...
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