Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK

Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK Dissertation example
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Counterfeiting and Pricing in China and UK Chapter 2 - Literature Review: 2.2 Counterfeiting vs. High Street Fashion: Counterfeiting a product is a type of cheating the consumers. “Counterfeiting is such a problem in China that it may drive away some foreign investors that manufacture designer label goods, companies warn.


Now a day, fashion industry is seen using the counterfeit products on a large scale. More number of designers is using the style and color of the same product which are being designed by the other designers. Girls of young age are attracted towards it, as when different colors emerge of the same design. Such consumers believe that the label name, brand name, and recognizing characteristics of design such as color, logo, outline, and models are very precious. Consumers will have the difficult dilemma whether they use a counterfeit product or an original. Fashion counterfeits may perform as a risk-free test form, make attention between consumers, and create them increase constructive word-of-mouth to other customers. When compared fashionable products to physical appearances, the customers will choose either the counterfeit products or the original one depending on the convenience for shopping, or income as both offer a better appearance irrespective of its product and service quality. “Counterfeiters serve customers who aspire to own luxury goods but who are unable or unwilling to pay for the real thing” (Han et al. n.d.). Consumption of luxury goods is high in the United Kingdom. It is anticipated that about one-eighth of consumers in the United Kingdom buys counterfeit luxury products and the greater part of these buyers also buy legitimate luxury commodities. ...
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