International Market Entry and Development

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International Market Entry and Development Name University International Market Entry and Development It is always a difficult and risky thing to enter into an international market because there are no sales, no marketing infrastructure and information about that market is also very less and limited.


Increase in the purchasing ability of the people is another important factor along with easy access.   1. Explain the process for market research to assess foreign market potential.  Market research is crucial before an entry is made into the international market. Research conducted should be realistic and complete. Market research helps in developing an efficient positioning. Overall the analysis should have complete information about the general economic conditions and the market information about the target market. Detail information about the foreign customers should be present related to whom the services and products will be offered, detailed information about the segment and the niche. Detailed information about the suppliers working in that particular country and the details about how the supply chain is managed is also necessary. Also another important factor is the way and method of entering the foreign market, the way we can enter the foreign market and reach to our possible customers. The approach is an indirect approach which is using an intermediary or an agent in order to enter the market or directly entering the market. Another way is through collective exporting, trading house and consortium. 2. ...
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