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Essay example - This assessment requires you to identify, analyses and evaluate the micro-external environment of two (two) international market

This assessment requires you to identify, analyses and evaluate the micro-external environment of two (two) international market Essay example
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Micro-External Environment Bedroom Furniture in Germany Mintel Oxygen (2012) has reported that bedroom furniture products in UK can be segregated into various sub products such as fitted bedroom furniture and freestanding bedroom furniture. Analysis of features and benefits of portfolio and unique selling proposition (USP) of bedroom furniture can be explained in the following manner…

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Fitted bedroom furniture can help customers to place their bedroom furniture in systematic and space efficient manner. Non fitted bedroom furniture Non fitted bedroom furniture includes wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers bedside tables which can be assembled by customers. The product offers the opportunity to assemble and customize bedroom furniture in accordance with the convenience of customers. (Source: Mintel Oxygen, 2012) Market line (2012a) has reported that bedroom furniture segment contributes a significant portion to furniture & floor coverings industry of Germany. Brief snapshot of the industry can be explained in the following industry. Market Value Value Forecast Category Segmentation Market Competition Value of furniture market (including living & bed room, kitchen, office and floor covering) in Germany is $47.5 billion. The market is growing at a rate of more than 1% and value of market is expected to touch $50 billion by 2016. Living room and bed room furniture contributes 51.7% of total value of the furniture industry in Germany. Market for bedroom furniture is highly fragmented due to presence of large number of retailers. (Source: Market line, 2012a) Value bracket for German bedroom furniture industry can be segregated on the basis of consumption pattern. ...
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