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YOUR NAME HERE YOUR COURSE HERE YOUR TUTOR HERE DATE HERE International Gaming Research Paper Indonesia is one international tourist destination that has allowed casino gambling to be developed as a means of sparking consumer interest in tourism and to generate more revenues for urban development.


In 2007, Singapore was able to generate $9.4 billion USD in tourism revenue which makes up three percent of the country’s entire gross domestic product (Research and Markets 1). This growth in tourism is sparked by the development of the National Tourist Offices operated by the government, with a variety of strategic alliances with such companies as the airline Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines (Riege and Perry 1294). It was only recently that the government recognized that casino gaming could represent a significant marketing opportunity to boost more international interest in tourism. There has been significant social disparity occurring in Indonesia about the viability and economic benefits of casino gambling which has, until just recently, prevented development of casinos as part of a new tourism philosophy. In 2011, petitioners asked the Singaporean Constitutional Court to declare certain provisions and regulations to be held unconstitutional that had, previously, prohibited gambling in any form in the country. At the same time, government has been attempting to elicit foreign investment from major hospitality companies to develop and launch casino gambling as a means of improving its competitive marketing position internationally. This conflict stems from concern over the many low-wage citizens in the country, believing that casino gambling would detract from their quality of living. ...
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