Armani Hotel (Dubai) - Managing Customer Service.

Armani Hotel (Dubai) - Managing Customer Service. Essay example
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Armani Hotel (Dubai) - Managing Customer Service. Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Literature Review 3 Brief on Service Marketing 3 Overview of customer relationship marketing (CRM) 5 Critical Analysis 6 Customer Service of Armani Hotel, Dubai 6 Customer Relationship Marketing of Armani Hotel 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 9 Introduction The world of 21st century is an arena that promotes fast growth, tremendous development and high competition.


88) . It is important to say that in the steady cycle of economic peaks and troughs that has continued to affect the business prospects of various countries in the recent times; the luxury hospitality sector has always maintained a steady level of growth all the time. The reason behind it can be attached to the fact that the luxury sector always experiences an inelastic demand mostly because of its significant choosing of its target audience, which are mostly comprised of the elite and extremely rich people. Literature Review Brief on Service Marketing Services can be defined as a concept which represents intangible actions and attributes that are performed by individuals or a team of individuals for the purpose of providing superior level of value perception to the consumers in regards to their individual requirements of value of tangible or intangible nature (Rao, 2011, p. 5). ...
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