Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Critical Thinking and Decision Making Essay example
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Steps to decision making in a company Name Institution Critical thinking and decision making are some of the factors determining success in any company or work place. The managing team is always faced with more than one alternative to choose from. The best decisions arise when all the alternatives are critically analyzed and the best considered.


The initial stage is to perceive the problems associated with the company being in the state docket, low return is likely to be the major shortcoming. The main question in this stage is what to be done to reverse the situation. Human resource department, however, is the most critical since it deals with human, who have feelings and emotions among other traits. Formulating the problem may require special skills and understanding. A time a company may be compelled to hire or outsource skilled and experienced professionals to detect or ascertain some short comings. The basics behind problem detection are comparing the current situation with the company goals or target. Some economic yard sticks can be used to evaluate accompany and ascertain whether it is on a gaining or losing trend (Eric, 2003). Problems related to human resource can best be ascertained by involving every worker to give his/her opinion on the company’s management and operation. Workers from different departments and positions can be interviewed one at time, this is to ensure confidentiality. The second step is interpreting the problem. This requires some deep understanding of a particular company aspect. ...
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