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Critically analyse Qatar Government using two different metaphors(They have been provided) from (Morgan's Images of Organizat - Essay Example

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Running Head: ORGANIZATION ANALYSIS: MORGAN’S METAPHORS Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction Multi-perspective approach proves instrumental in conducting an objective analysis within structures of any given organization. This practice could find intensive application within the social, political and even the economic sectors in the society…

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Critically analyse Qatar Government using two different metaphors(They have been provided) from (Morgan's Images of Organizat

Dunford and Akin (2008) says that this approach allows the user to have two or more visions and perceptions about integral elements of a given situation. In the context of political organization analysis, users of multiple perspective tools can utilize techniques of multiple approach in minimizing ambiguities, and contradictions resulting from narrowed perception models. In its practical application, the approach uses metaphors or illustrative mechanisms as the basis of developing implicit arguments from a given angle of perception. Metaphors facilitate development of deep perceptions through utilization of rational viewpoints in evaluating the functional elements of an argument. In this essay, we will carry out a multi perspective approach in analyzing an organization of choice. Qatar’s Government as an Organization As states earlier, this approach finds substantial application during analysis of political as well as social aspects within a given society. In this context, we will evaluate Qatar government using the approach in order to develop an objective understanding from postulates of some adopted metaphors. Qatar is a sovereign state located at the lower sides of the larger Western Asia region. ...
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