Industry Analysis and Financial services of Pan America

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Industry Analysis and Financial Services Introduction Gasolina Urban blend belongs to the alcoholic beverage industry. This industry is a sector that has matured courtesy of its long history of existence. It comprises various companies that market both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


According to 2006 statistics in the industry, more than 133 billion litres are sold per year which raised the global revenue to 294.5 billion. Analysis of the industry In analysing the industry, it is critical to understand Panama, what opportunity it offers and the products that are produced in the country. Panama is a country that shows a great diversity in terms of people who live there. Most of the residents come from different countries. A lot of people in Panama prefer beer compared to other beverages. In the year 2011, its production was reported to have grown by 5.1%. The market in panama is worth more than $390 in a year. Another brand that seems to grow and is on the list is wine (Holmes 45). The prices of beer and wine in Panama which are the popular drinks are $35 for each beer and $40 for each wine. When you compare these prices with Gasolina, they prove to be high because Gasolina normally ranges from $7-10. The high prices in panama come due to high costs of living due to its diversity and that it attracts a lot of people. This means that the company will have to increase its selling price in panama in order for it to beat the competition. Gasoline has an opportunity to grow in Panama because it is a new product that is unique in its own way. ...
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