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Retail Marketing (Marks and Spencer) Table of Content Introduction 3 Company history 4 Marketing mix 5 Sustainability trends 8 Social media aims 9 Social awareness idea 11 Conclusion 11 References 13 Introduction Marks and Spencer is one of the leading multinational retail company headquarter in London.


It gets supply of clothing as well as food products from more than 2000 global suppliers and operates its business through more than 78,000 employees. Marks and Spencer is the leading provider of womenwear in UK clothing and apparel market. It also has been increasing its market share in menswear, kids-wear and necessary home products. The major business of the company comes from food business as 51% revenue comes from food business and rest 49% comers from clothing and home products (M&S, 2012). The company offers verity of food products like fresh food products like fruits and vegetables, grocery products and wide range of processed food products. Apart from the business the company is also dedicated to social responsibilities. It has become carbon neutral and zero solid waste by effective implementation of its five years eco plan for company’s green credential. The company enjoy the benefits of over 21 million footfalls in all the stores each week. By providing quality product and services and effective retail marketing strategies, the company has able to generate this huge number of footfall each week which is the key achievement for the company as a leading retail chains of the world. ...
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