Reflections Paper: "Flip the Funnel"

Reflections Paper: "Flip the Funnel" Assignment example
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Flip the tunnel Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Theory related to flipping the funnel 4 Merits 5 Application in the B2B context 6 Reference 7 Introduction The world of the 21st century is progressing at a rapid pace. It is doing so on the line of fast change and tremendous development.


As a result of a fact acceptance of the single mode of connectivity which has developed on the lines of internet powered virtual platform in various corners of the world, the world has been transformed into a single connected global entity. This has increasingly paved the way for easy synchronization of various trends related to globalization that are emerging from the different corners of the world. It is important and utterly relevant to acknowledge that the new trends of globalization that are getting diffused and scattered in various parts of the world are paving the way for new business opportunities. Faced with fluctuating economic growth rates in the developed and advanced economies of the world, the multiple business organizations around the world are increasingly looking forward to the process of capitalizing on the new business opportunities that are emerging as a result of diffusion of globalization. Firms, irrespective of their geographical presence are increasingly concentrating on the process of entering into newer markets. While many barriers in regards to policy exist for entering into new markets, foreign firms are increasingly concentrating on the process of entering the markets of high growth through the formation of joint ventures and collaborations. ...
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