Customer Relationship Management For The Birmingham New Library

Customer Relationship Management For The Birmingham New Library Essay example
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CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT FOR THE BIRMINGHAM NEW LIBRARY By Name Course: Lecturer: Institution of Affiliation: City and State: Date: Word Count: 3, 405 Executive Summary The research report provided a succinct introduction that incorporated the underlying principles of the research study.


These strategies are vital for assessing both the internal and external environments, which are favourable or unfavourable to the successful business activities. The researcher incorporated varied marketing strategies vital for enabling the Birmingham Library to accomplish their goals successfully. The researcher provided varied recommendations which the company should take into considerations in order to achieve successful business performance. The action plan was formulated that attempted to reveal the way the objectives of the company will be achieved. Lastly, the conclusion was included that provided a concise summary of the market report. Customer Relationship Management for the Birmingham New Library Introduction The customer relationship management (CRM) has evolved as an effective approach for enabling companies to interact with their customers effectively in order to achieve their business goals successfully. CRM is a business strategy that enables the company to understand the needs of the clients, retain customers through customer experience, reduce management costs and increase profitability (Kangal, 201, p. 45). Senn, Thoma andYip (2013, p.28) defines CRM strategy as the management process accountable for predicting, identifying customers and satisfying their demanding needs for shared benefit. ...
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