The evolution of selling: a study of historic and contemporary sales methods and attitudes

The evolution of selling: a study of historic and contemporary sales methods and attitudes Essay example
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The Evolution of Selling: A Study of Historic and Contemporary Sales Methods and Attitudes Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Introduction The process through which firms, salespersons and various organizations offer their products to potential customers has changed significantly due to evolution of selling (Hughes, 2011, 1).


Moreover, the change that took place during this period led to realization of different methods and attitudes by various firms and salespeople, that were applicable in the process of selling. This paper will focus on discussing the evolution of selling through a study of the historic and modern methods and attitudes. Evolution of selling is also attributed to the changes among customers, whereby they have increasingly become sophisticated; hence, making the process of closing sales very difficult (More, 2012, 1). Consequently, this led to a need for more intense training for salespeople in order for them to acquire substantial knowledge regarding product and services that they are offering. Since the nineteenth century up to date, there are numerous techniques and methods regarding sales and selling that has been established (Hughes, 2011, 1). Furthermore, this has led to realization by salespeople that the process of offering products and services to customers requires gathering of substantial knowledge regarding these commodities in order to convince the customers. In this case, salespeople were bound to gather relevant information regarding the product through market research and about customers’ needs and wants (Pierce, 2010, 1). ...
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