International marketing plan- how to increase sales rate for HTC in UK

International marketing plan- how to increase sales rate for HTC in UK Dissertation example
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The Success Factors Impacting the Productivity of Foreign Mobile Phone Brands like APPLE and SAMSUNG in UK By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] ABSTRACT The research aimed to investigate the success factors impacting the productivity of foreign mobile brands like Apple and Samsung.


The chapter also highlights the rationale and scope of the research along with proposing the methodology. The literature review chapter discussed the model proposed by Zeithaml (1985) where the relationship between price, value, and quality has been associated with consumer perception. The model explained that in order to enhance the consumer perceptions, it is important to decrease the perception of sacrifice, add intrinsic attributes, evoke perceptions, and use extrinsic cues to signal value for all possible strategies. The chapter concluded that price, value, and quality of products affect the perceived benefits and beliefs of consumers in a good manner. The research methodology chapter presented an overview of the different elements of the methodology along with highlighting the preference for each element in an illustrative manner. The finding and analysis chapter found that Samsung success factors are in the form of a robust and varied product portfolio attracting consumers of all age groups. On the other hand, Apple believes in product differentiation embedded with brand equity and recognition to attract consumers. The last chapter concluded that that the success factors of Apple are mainly in the form of product differentiation, brand appeal, brand value, and consumer perception over the value and quality. ...
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