Marketing and the Health Care System

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Marketing and the Health Care System Student Name Institution Introduction The marketing of a healthcare system is essential for the spread of the health care services among the members of the community. The direct method of marketing is the most effective one as it allows the healthcare providers to get in touch with the healthcare recipients in the community.


The utilization of the healthcare services of Maryland General Hospital could be assessed by the healthcare service provider in order to analyze the current situation of usage of healthcare services. A proper analysis of the field reports is helpful in designing the ways in which the decision of the healthcare recipients could be influenced. Research Objectives The scope of this research includes a study of Maryland General Hospital. The research objectives for this study are to examine the direct impact of marketing for Maryland General Hospital, to determine a strategy to find the utilization of products and services of the hospital, and to design a marketing strategy for Maryland General Hospital. Research Methodology The impact of direct marketing of Maryland General Hospital and strategies to determine the current utilization of healthcare services of the community that it caters have been determined with the help of the secondary method of research. The data collected for the study are secondary. The data have been obtained from secondary sources such as the electronic websites of the health care provider, journals, etc. The data obtained from the official website of Maryland General Hospital are reliable. The healthcare service activities have been studied from these secondary data sources. ...
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