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Do we live in a celebrity-dominated consumer culture

This "Do we live in a celebrity-dominated consumer culture?" essay outlines how media change our values and our consumer needs. "Blum notes, however, that critical demands for "more realistic" media images are ineffectual: "To imagine that there are people who could change the images if they wanted to is to misunderstand the embeddedness of the image producers in a cultural machinery that they don't run but instead merely service. For them, as well as us, the linage and beauty are coextensive" (p. 65). Feminist calls for resistance to the beauty myth are no better, for there is no way to step outside the cultural frame and distinguish between genuine desires and those that are merely distortions of consumer capitalism. Blum cautions that in fact, "[w]e need to transcend feminist criticisms of body practices that can wind up being as shaming as the physical imperfections that drove us to beautify in the first place" (p. 63). I find little to disagree with in this analysis, as fer as it goes, but find it strange that there is so little explicit consideration of the role of patriarchal structures in the increasingly high demands for feminine beauty. Although it's true that more men seek cosmetic surgery than ever before, Blum offers little discussion of how the need for male approval may influence women's choices to seek surgery. (And having recently read several devastating feminist critiques of the popularity of "labia reduction" and "vaginal rejuvenation" surgeries, I can't help but wonder what Blum's take on those procedures would be.)" ...Show more


This essay describes how affects our life and our behaviour patterns and analyze some books and articles about this topic. Today, even those with little money spend for physical needs but also to establish social identity through conspicuous consumption…
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Do we live in a celebrity-dominated consumer culture essay example
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