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Transition to High School

According to the initial study that has been conducted, which was the collection of secondary data for the initial literature review, the author has gained an overall knowledge of the different aspects that pose challenges to students as well as teachers and parents when teenagers transition from primary to high school. And this knowledge has the author to design the framework for the study and the give the reader an overview of what can be expected throughout the entirerity of the research study. .
In this document the author has given a brief description of the methods that will be used to carry out the main research study, the objectives of the research study, the structure of the dissertation, the timetable for the entire research study as well as the resources that will be needed to carry out the research study and finally the limitations of the research study.
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In this document the author proposes to study the difficulties and the challenges that are faced by students in the British Virgin Islands when transitioning from primary school to high school. While the main focus of the study is the experience of the children, the study also takes an objective look at the roles played by teachers and parents and all the challenges that are faced by them in these difficult times.
Author : lubowitznash
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