Vacation plan for a 70 year old man who is dependent on a wheelchair

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Alexander is 70 year old and is dependent on a wheelchair. For a person like him, who enjoys adventure a lot but feels bound because of his immobility, there are still vacations he can take that can be called an adventure of a lifetime. …


Vacation plan for a 70 year old man who is dependent on a wheelchair

Since, Alexander has no money constraints it is relatively easier to find him his perfect vacation.
The safari there is disabled friendly. In this tour Alexander would be able to visit many places like the Kruger National Park, Garden Route, Johannesburg, Private Game Reserve, Cape Town and Durban also. Through these places, Alexander would also get access to visit places like Zimbabwe, Namibia and other places in Africa. All this is offered with constant availability of wheelchair and other things useful for Alexander.

As far as travel and transportation is concerned this is specialized to provide all disabled people even more comfort. Epic Enabled uses a Mercedes Benz Safari Truck to move around. This is especially been made for the disabled to provide them total safety and comfort. There are even elevated seats with seat belts, for the needs of a disabled person. Inside the Benz Truck, you can move your wheelchairs around also because there are removable seats; however safety has also been taken into hands by having these wheelchairs secured by easy to use tie-downs.

Accommodation has also been looked after by providing the options of fully tented camps, cottages and even bungalows. This tour also will provide Alexander and people like him with own bath swivel set, a wheelchair which can be used in the shower and while on commode, and when in case of an emergency these wheelchairs are fitted with handlebars that can be moved.
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Vacation plan for a 70 year old man who is dependent on a wheelchair
Vacation plan for a 70 year old man who is dependent on a wheelchair …
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