The importance of lesson plan and methods used in the Foundation Program in Omani Universities for the study of language skills

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This paper presents a study about the effect and the importance of planning for the lesson in order to help the learners, especially foundation students in Omani universities to learn language skills (Speaking, reading and others). It also shows how important it is to choose the correct and effective method to teach these students (e.g.


The participants are both male and female. The study will show that it is really important for the teachers to prepare the lesson before entering the class so that they will have a clear view how to teach the students the right way to learn different skills.
When I worked as a teacher in the Foundation Program I thought that I would have to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the English language, and I have taken great care in making sure that I use various approaches to help them acquire the skills necessary for adopting the language, since it is the medium of instruction at Omani universities. Therefore, there is a great need to approach the teaching of English in a purposeful and systematic conduct. My aim is to help them attain a level of competence in reading, writing, and oral skills that will help them to pursue their studies in whatever major they choose (95% of the courses at the University are taught in English), pass job interviews, become sufficiently efficient in their work, and develop themselves in many other aspects of life using English which has now become the global language.
"The Foundation Program is designed for students who are not sufficiently prepared in terms of English language skills to join the four-year bachelor program offered at the University and it complies with the National Standar ...
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