Personal Selling and Customer Focus Essay

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For companies today, improving customer satisfaction through good customer service is vital to business operations. For a small company such as Studio Productions, the need for a better customer service system is critical because on one hand, the company is facing several external threats to its well-being as illustrated by the increasing competition and a dwindling market.


In order for Studio Productions to improve the company's well-being, it therefore needs to implement a customer service system that is first and foremost, customer focused. The goal of customer service is to "attract and keep customers who are satisfied, loyal and speak well of the company, but perhaps most importantly, to keep profitable customers" (Gustafsson, Ekdahl and Edvardsson 344). Hence, a customer service system must always ensure client satisfaction, and if possible, exceed client needs. Second, it must also be effective in achieving the company's goals. While a satisfied client-base is in itself an advantageous end, for Studio Productions to benefit from service developments, the system it adopts must go beyond the minimums of customer satisfaction and reap additional benefits for the company. ...
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