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Research Proposal example - Employee Recruitment and Retention

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Research Proposal
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With today's extreme dynamic job market, industries continue to review and amend policies to ensure competitiveness and equity of resources, although there may be diverse issues and concerns expressed by the stakeholders such as inflexibilities of their current compensation…

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Considering this worldwide demands, labor force also needs to acquire more broad skills as well as continuous learning in order to utilize technology efficiently. Understandably, building, operating, and maintaining the petrochemical plants, marketing and distributing of different products, require technical expertise (Dolan, 2004; p 117) critical in the recruitment and retention procedures in a company.
As oil and gas companies continuously expand, they are also confronted with labor crisis which brought about by the layoffs made previous years ago and the labor force has continued to shrink according to various petrochemical companies (Parry, Davidson & Clark, 2006; p 2, par 1). The Human Resource Departments of different Oil & Gas Producers added (2005; par 1-2 ) that they are facing one of the greatest challenges companies have encountered in the recent years. Undeniably, pool of engineers in the industry is aging. In United Arab Emirates for example, the mean age of production engineers is around 48. Therefore, HR departments are
quite pressured to prepare for the replacement of their aging workforce by the young professionals within the coming years (AME Info, 2005; par 1-2). Besides, competition in the labor market these days is very tight.
Khafji Joint Operations (KJO), an oil and gas company of the jointed Saudi Government and Arabian Oil Company (AOC) in accordance with ...
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