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Evidence Based Practice in Social Work - Essay Example

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Researchers have identified youth homelessness as one of the more troubling of the problems confronting societies today. Not only does youth homelessness represent lost potential but it is a contributory crime factor (Choca and Minoff, 2004). The dimensions of the problem cannot be underestimated and, indeed, are only affirmed by statistics which indicate that homelessness figures across England border on the quarter of a million figure (Strelitz, 2002)…

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Evidence Based Practice in Social Work

While other children have parents that they can live with and are willing to pay for their college tuition, youth in care have no one. Renting an apartment with no parent to co-sign a lease, finding money for a security deposit, and getting to work or school without money for transportation, and being able to feed themselves in the absence of a job, are several of the obstacles care leavers confront. As a result, many care leavers confront negative outcomes, primarily homelessness (Barth, 1996).
In his study on the demographics of homelessness, Barn (2001) indicated that youth homeless was not an ethnic minority problem but a predominantly economic one. Wright's (2002) findings are consistent with Barn's (2002) conclusions. Commander (2002) and Mendes and Moslehuddin (2006) concur, emphasising that the demographics suggest that youth homelessness cuts across ethnic groupings but not economic ones. Nevertheless, they contend that the demographics reveal a more important commonality between the homeless youth. Specifically stated, the greater majority of the homeless across the United Kingdom are care leavers. ...
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