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Half Nelson

All these make up the indifferent urban dramas. Dan and Drey are teacher and student with significant varying age differences but are faced with similar crisis. They are both looking for something to believe in and rely on. (Halliwell123)
Dan does not only do drugs but is a successful history teacher at Brooklyn high school and finds time to coach girls basket ball team. He believes in the essence of history being the Hegelian dialects and this theory is seen to reflect in his own life. He is neither a good man with negative habits nor a bad man with positive habits. Rather he is both sides of himself at all times and this conflict is what is pulling him apart. (Halliwell128)
Drey is also familiar with the world of drug abuse as her brother is in prison for related charges. With the realization that Dan is a user, both of them are alarmed with the possible negative or positive changes that they may not be capable to prevent or encourage. Frank is also a drug dealer and has ties with Drey's family. He seemed to be an intelligent and mediocre caring man.Drey knows that drugs are evil but does not view frank as a dangerous man (Halliwell130)
Dan is a dedicated teacher, full of ideas and a skeptic, who devotes his life to improve others while destroying himself an ...
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The attraction between Dan and Drey was due to desperation since the teacher was struggling with addiction when they bonded with the young student. Dan led a secret life which his students never knew about and when Drey discovered it, an affectionate friendship ensued which could have led them into a dangerous path or would remain a provision of human companionship that could make him see this in a different perspective and have a fresh start…
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