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This papers talks about the advantages that people and organization could gain by depending on the techniques of descriptive statistics. It further provides various examples from every day life to ascertain the importance of statistics in our day to day affairs…

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(Weiss, 2004) For me, statistics are everywhere around us in this world. We face a lot of situation which involves statistics and more particularly descriptive statistics in our lives. In fact this interaction with statistics is so frequent that it is often very difficult to spend even hours of our lives without having to look at statistics or descriptive statistics. The reason behind statistics being all around us, confines in the daily activities or routine tasks, which we go through. For example, suppose we are watching a match involving our favorite NBA team, Lakers. Before the match we are going to make some inferences. These inferences will be based on the basis of statistics are more importantly descriptive statistics. For example, to say Lakers is going to win will be based on certain variables that both the Lakers and the opposing team possess. For example, our inferences could be based on the fact that on average, Lakers is scoring more baskets than the opposing team. Similarly it can be on the basis that the players of Lakers such as Bryant and Gosol are taller than the players of opposing team. It could be any reason based on the variable between the two teams. If we define variable, it is used to define certain characteristics that differ from one person to another or from one entity to another. ...
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