The History of Democracy in Algeria

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The History of Democracy in Algeria Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of Colonial Experience 3 History since Independence 4 History of Democracy, Democratic Institutions, or Democratic Reform Movements (300) 6 Role of New Social Networking 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Introduction Algeria is certainly one of those African nations that are considered very important with respect to the entire continent.


It is consisted of the history regarding the colonial experience of Algeria as well as the history of post-independence period. Furthermore, the paper also includes the analysis of the history of democracy and democratic activities that have taken place in the country over the past 50 years. History of Colonial Experience History says colonization in Algeria began in the 5th century B. C. Native people of Algeria were forced to move back from the coastal areas by the successive waves of Roman, Byzantine, Turkish, Arab and French invaders. Among these Arab invaders have greatly influenced the natives of the country in terms of religion and language. However, Phoenicians were the first to invade the northern Algeria during 12th century B.C. Then the Romans came into the country and united the northern part of it. Under Roman rule Christianity flourished. However, it was ended by the Vandals, though a large section of area was still under the control of Berbers. Arabs started to dominate the area since 7th century. The Berbers tried to resist such dominance but most of them were converted to Muslims. Several Muslim dynasties ruled Algeria till 13th century. Muslim rule in Algeria was ended in 15th century by Christian Spain (Phillip C. Naylor. ALGERIA - Part 3). ...
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