Increasing Patient Education through Customized Printed Materials

Increasing Patient Education through Customized Printed Materials Article example
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Name: Increasing patient education through customized printed materials and using customized plan of care for patients that they can understand. January 2012 The use of care plans is becoming widespread in the United States and further afield, particularly in the case of patients who have longstanding health care needs, such as those suffering chronic conditions, those who are in residential care and in some recovery or palliative care contexts.


There are, however, some disadvantages in using this generic printed text approach. Many patients are not willing, or indeed not able, to benefit from them. One study of literature designed to educate patients about smoking in the United States, for example, found that there was a serious disparity between the reading level of the smoking education literature and the much lower literacy skills of the patients examined in the sample (Mead and Byrd, 1989, p.204). Clearly, then, if printed literature is to be used, it must be tailored to patient ability. One article examined the role of nurses in the development and maintenance of health care plans in and concluded that primary care nurses were much more involved in health care plan provision and implementation in the UK and New Zealand than they were in Australia. Nurses in Australia were keen to contribute more to the process, arguing that they could provide insights into the patient’s home situation using evidence from their home visits. ...
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