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Article example - Concerns and Benefits Regarding the Use of the American Psychological Association (APA) Format of Citation

Concerns and Benefits Regarding the Use of the American Psychological Association (APA) Format of Citation Article example
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The use of citation styles in any kind of professional written work reflects the different needs of each field of discipline in presenting whatever information is important. This caused the evolution of numerous styles to suit the writers’ needs. …

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Numerous citation formats are currently being used by most researchers and scholarly writers based on their specialization. The most popular style that can be used in any field is the Chicago or Turabian style, MLA is most used for the humanities, and APA style is used in the social sciences, and in recent years in education, research, and business as well (Lipson, 2011). The styles may vary according to what is needed to be presented, but all of these are borne out of the necessity of presenting thoughts or ideas as scholarly and as professionally as possible, all while giving appropriate recognition to the writers that presented the original ideas beforehand (Winkler & Metherell, 2011). Also, because the different writing styles are designed in order to properly present information in the field that these are most often used, one type of citation style may not be appropriate to use in other fields of study, and some necessary information that is usually needed in referencing may be omitted, or added, which could cause confusion (Lipson, 2011). Due to this, the use of a citation style must be in accordance to what kind of information is being presented. In addition, the use of specific styles for each field of discipline is needed to homogenize the presentation of information, especially for publications (Szuchman, 2010). ...
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