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HNC Healthcare sociology in healthcare Essay example
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This essay will utilize two specific sociological theories as a means of drawing inference upon health issues and problems that are currently exhibited within contemporary society. As such, the two theories which will be discussed are that those of conflict theory and symbolic interactionism.


Firstly, with regards to conflict theory, which is founded on control and oppression, people who are in control will do everything they can to maintain that power. Conflict theorists feel obesity in the lower class is a result of deprived living circumstances, bad quality meals and nonexistence of proper schooling; all of this the direct result of the level and extent to which those in power allocate resources and emphasize importance of such an issue. Not knowing the quality of the food or knowing that this may be the only meal you have for a long time could result in obesity due to the fact that the individual will attempt to eat as much as they possibly can at any particular time; preparing for want and possible hardship in the future (Tsang, 2012). The conflict theory emphasizes that people who are high up in society will cater for themselves with no regards or concerns for the lower class. The conflict theory also suggests that obese people in society struggle with socialization, keeping good health to work, thus resulting in death at a young age (Colakkadioglu & Gucray, 2012). Naturally, this breakdown between classes is a defining aspect of how health care takes place within the lives of the patients. ...
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