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The world of music has never witnessed a parallel like Bill Fontana, especially when it comes to composing world class musical tracks. Whenever we talk of a skilled musician, we take into consideration his/her composition, his/her natural skill set, his/her devotion towards the vocation and the ability to showcase his/her presentation in the best possible manner.


The avid composer attended the New York New School for Social Research, wherein he mastered philosophy besides studying various forms of music including classical music. Known to have traveled the world while studying music, Bill Fontana is said to have imbibed various cultures, with special regards to countries such as Japan, Germany and Australia, and applied his learning into various melodious musical compositions.
Bill Fontana's musical input began in the year 1976 with the advent of sound scriptures. The career, which spanned over thirty years, witnessed Bill Fontana's composition revolving around the urban environment. His musical sources were inspired by the natural surroundings and had the ability to transform a simple tune into a fairy tale image. It could be compared, analyzed and comprehended before being interpreted by the listeners in their own imaginative ways. The effective use of sound scriptures by Bill has been known to move mountains when it comes to assessing musical works. ...
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