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[Name of Student] [Name of Lecturer] Philosophy 103 [Date] William Clifford's Theory versus William James' Theory Introduction William Clifford and William James are two among the most widely studied philosophers in the academic and professional spheres. Although their works cover a wide range of subjects such as emotions and beliefs, certain differences are easily identified in their works.


In his work entitled “The Ethics of Belief”, Clifford highlighted two core reasons he felt beliefs are not just peoples’ private business (Kessler, p. 324). This stance on beliefs courted as many enemies and friends for Clifford as people opposed and supported his notions in equal measure. “The Ethics of Belief” sought to emphasize the principles of his feelings about beliefs. However, the central issues in this essay, like in most other essays he wrote on belief, was to show that it is wrong for a person to accept or believe in or about things without supporting and considerable evidences (Kessler, p. 324). In fact, it is Clifford’s notions and principles, which are considered the principles on which modern scientific reasoning is based. The main reason Clifford asserts that beliefs are not personal businesses is the fact that one’s beliefs affect others in society. ...
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