Personal Ethics Development

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Personal Ethics Development Name Institution Personal Ethics Development Everyone begins to form their ethics and values from the onset of life at infancy, and the process continues throughout one’s lifetime, these values are not inborn, but acquired through a variety of sources.


For an individual to attain a good character which will enable them to live harmoniously with other members of the society, they need exhibit a moral and ethical character that is ideally embodied in being honest, trustworthy, responsible, fair and showing care for others as well as citizenry (Josephson Institute, 2009). Owing to my Christian upbringing in the Episcopal Church, my ethical system has been predominantly influenced by my faith in God and my belief that I should strive to do only what is sanctioned by Him. The ethical system can be defined as the underlying ethical principles, which a person uses to make decisions, I subscribe like most Christians to deontological ethics also known as duty based ethics or non-consequential ethics. I believe that an action is either right or wrong, and my perception of the differentiation is based on biblical teaching, thus regardless of possibly good consequences resulting from a wrong action, the action remains untenable in my opinion. ...
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