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Language and Torture Study Purpose After the incidence of 9/11, the entire world was faced with a new political challenge, triggered with the new kind of political violence based on mutual co-ordination with the global powers and an access to weapons of mass destruction.


The entire situation gave rise to a new phrase, “War on Terror” which became a popular part of any lexicon. More than a phrase, as highlighted by Reese (2001), new frames were devised for ‘organizing principles that are socially shared and persistent over time, that work symbolically to meaningfully structure the social world’. As would any policy or the strategy advocate, administrations would look attracting legal frames to explain the concerns and would put their efforts to gain the discursive efforts, as antagonists, in turn, would seek to challenge those explanations and search for more favourable ones (Pan and Kosicki, 2001). One of the biggest errors in the American history of foreign policy is the creation of the political atmosphere that shaped the social thoughts to take the nation into the so-called War on Terror. The purpose of this dissertation revolves around the main point that how the War on Terror emerged as a social principle that was transmitted through the US press. It emerged as a challenge for American Journalists to resist the national concerns and pro-Bush commitment towards the nation which was narrated to them after the dreadful events of 9/11 followed by the Iraq war. ...
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