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Assignment example - ethical hedonism,intellectual pleasures, sensual pleasures,Act and Rule Utilitarianism,Doctrine of Double Effect, Rawl’s theory

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The history of Hedonism revolves around two damaging and false assumptions: that hedonism advocates for bodily pleasures only, and that they are degrading as well as invariably sinful. In fact, some philosophers seem too convinced and appear to share this distrust rational…

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However, people should not seek pleasures on their own or for themselves. With reference to his response, it is agreeable that ethical egoism reconciles zeal for seeking pleasure with altruism. In addition, Mill shows that ethical hedonism is true by exclaiming that if utopians maximized their benefits of deferred gratification and live life according to nature, reasoning rightfully, then virtue will foster their physical health inevitably (Philip 48). Physical health is of paramount importance mainly because it is necessary for any other pleasure.
Mill argues that intellectual pleasures are superior to the sensual pleasures. According to his response, he argues so because with the manner in which he crucially claims, there are some pleasures that are more superior, qualitative, and quantitative than others. He asserts that intellectual pleasures are superior to sensual pleasures because of the fact that intellectual pleasures are mind related. Pleasures that relate to mind are more valuable and no ways in which one can counter balance them with any quantity of sensual pleasures in terms of value. Thus, intellectual pleasures are higher pleasures, a factor that makes them vastly superior (Philip 79). On the other end, sensual pleasures are mere sensations of the body. Therefore, comparatively, intellectual pleasures and sensational pleasures are different in quality and in quantity as well. Mill goes farther to say that, whoever, whoever claims to prefer sensual pleasures in place of intellectual pleasures is less happy since it is better to be dissatisfied and happy than to have satisfaction yet you are a fool.
The theory of good or value explains about valuable and good things, which include equality and pleasure. On the other hand, the theory of right action means to specify which things or actions are wrong and right. In other words, it provides rules that guide moral agents (Louis and James 55). ...
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