The Conflict in Rights

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The Conflict in Rights Democracy is often regarded as the ideal political system for every society. One of the most compelling reasons why it is thought to be so is that it is the only system that promises to respect and uphold the rights of everyone. It is not just the rights of the majority protected but also those of the minority.


The conflict in rights is actually the result when individuals or sectors in a democratic society begin to assert their respective rights that would result in the reduction or the violation of those of others. It must be pointed out that before rights could be identified and recognized there were the material bases for these, which were the diverse interests of different sectors in society. Aside from the diversity, there is also the reality of contradicting interests, such as that of the workers and the employers. The labor sector’s interest is to achieve to get their fair share of the income resulting from their work in production. On the other hand, the business sector’s interest is to continuously increase their profits. These interests are obviously contradictory for when the workers insist on higher wages, the business sectors profits are reduced. If the business owners wish to increase their profits, the wage values also fall. This basic conflict of interest should well be considered as the very core of the conflict in rights. The labor sector would insist that it is their right to push for higher wages since they are the ones who created new value. The capitalists, on their part, would insist that it is their right to peg wages at a certain level which they think does not badly affect their profit targets. ...
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