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Is consciousness a strongly emergent property?

The emergentist theories on consciousness are based upon the idea that the whole of consciousness is far greater than that of the parts from which it is composed. The reductionist theories suggest that there cannot be a system in which the parts do not exist and therefore cannot be reduced from that system. In discussing the idea of the consciousness, the idea of an emergent system from which something more is created that is beyond that of the definable parts suggests that the idea of consciousness is an emergent system. The concept of consciousness is a difficult place to locate in relationship to the natural world. It is a part of the present, an aspect of the moment, but also an intangible that cannot be placed in the physical plane. Chalmer (2003) discusses the concept of consciousness in relationship to six different classes, which can then be divided into two sets. The first set is focused on the idea of consciousness as a physical process where the second is focused on the idea of consciousness which requires a “re-conception for a physical ontology” (Chalmer 2003, p.103). The idea of consciousness, although easily defined as being present or not, as in either someone is conscious or not, it is far more difficult to determine what it means to be conscious. Consciousness is essentially defined by the idea of experience. ...Show more


Consciousness as a strongly emergent property Defining what it means to be conscious is a difficult task for which multiple theories have emerged from which to explore the topic. The idea of consciousness is both physical and ontological, based upon experience and perception…
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