Meditations on First Philosophy by RenМ© Descartes

Meditations on First Philosophy by RenМ© Descartes Essay example
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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Rene Descartes is widely considered the father of modern philosophy; this assumption is not in justified considering he broke away from the traditional philosophies more so the Scholastic Aristotelian ones that were widely accepted.


For the first mediation, the philosopher realizes that throughout his life he has accepted great many falsehoods as truth and based since he judged their validity through his senses. However he has realized that his senses are not objective and can easily be deceived or manipulated, thus for him to find the ultimate truth that cannot be questioned, he needs must deconstruct everything he has learnt so far. He decides them to demolish all his former beliefs and assertions upon which doubt can be cast and start afresh with, what he can be sure can be verified as true beyond any doubt. However, the mediator does not examine for doubt his former believes individually, he puts them together and questions their authenticity by introspecting on the method by which he formed these conclusions. Ultimately, he realizes that the conclusions on which he has based opinions were formed by means of senses he admits that human senses are on the large quite sturdy. At most, they are only likely to misconceive when it comes to small far away object; he acquiesces to the fact that his senses have in the past played him false on several occasions. Bearing that in mind, he concludes that t would be unwise, nonetheless, to trust wholly anything has proven capable of deception in the past. ...
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