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IS IT MORALLY PERMISSIBLE FOR DATA COMPANIES TO COLLECT AND SELL INFORMATION FROM PEOPLE’S PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES? Name: Course Title: Course code: Date of submission: THESIS STATEMENT It is not morally permissible for data companies to collect and sell information from people’s public social media profiles.


It is therefore prudent that the companies should also reciprocate the same by ensuring that their customers or clients’ information is secure and not finding its way to the unauthorized people. By doing this there will be an obvious intimate relationship between the customer and the management of the organization. Information privacy is very vital when it comes to the management of information for various organizations. There are several challenges emanating from the use or reuse of personal information. The advanced technology in the modern society has paused a serious threat to the information privacy in organizations and even leading to data breaches (Boiston, 10) The roles, uses and other practices originating as the effects of social technology really determine the consequences of the system as far privacy of information is concerned. There is always significant importance placed upon the acquisition and utilization of the customer information. During the 1980’s customer revolution was the in thing in many organizations. The main aim for this was to capture and store the data of customers using an advanced system. Establishing an intimate relationship between the customer and the corporations was the main target of the entire system on capturing the customer information. ...
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