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The death of the sun and the philosophical implications for humanity

But just like any other forms of life or entities that exist in the universe, the Sun will eventually die. Scientists have pointed out that in a billion years, our Sun will run out of energy and die. That one important detail draws questions, let alone fear, about what could be the implications after the death of our sun. Every life form on our planet, as we know it, depends on our Sun. Humans, plants, animals, and even non-living objects need the Sun. For us, humans, almost all of our daily activities are associated with the energy that we get from the Sun. It enables us to function properly. Every morning when we wake up, the rising of the sun signals to start our day. It sheds light for us to see our surroundings. It emits heat to keep ourselves warm. It can help produce electricity especially in areas that cannot be reached by power lines. It can make our physical bodies healthy. It can be used to cook food for us to eat. These are just some of the many examples on how our Sun affects and helps our daily lives. Though you can enumerate a lot of things how the Sun is beneficial to mankind, there are also hazards that come with it. Though the Sun can beneficial with regards to our health, it can also do harm to our bodies. Worse, it can also take away lives of people and other forms of life. The Sun also has the capacity to destroy buildings, houses, even forests and habitats of animals. ...
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Name of Author Professor Subject Date Death of the Sun: Philosophical Implications for Humanity The Sun is one of the most important things that are present in mankind. Without it, life on Earth would cease to exist. All forms of life in our planet depend on the energy that we get from the Sun…
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