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International Relations

Such research can bring the certain contribution also to the discussion about political "realism". The realistic theory usually is considered as the most consecutive interpretation of the essence and the reasons of political events such as confrontations, military alliances, diplomatic negotiations and international relations as a whole. Realists have managed to create the elegant theory of the international relations, having specified that the conflict of interests between various political communities is internally inherent in the international system, and having shown that uniqueness of the international relations is caused by the nature of the political communities, which are representing themselves as the parties in these relations.
From our point of view, problematic part of the realistic theory consists in the way of conceptualisation of these communities, namely the national states. There are different forms of realism, but behind all of them there is one uniting idea: on the stage of the international relations act uniform "characters" named states. Further these states are considered as discrete units, which functioning almost in the same way as individuals in a society. This idea generates the whole complex of representations about the state and its activity on the international scene. ...
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The theory, writes Anthony Wilden, as well as any other adaptive system, should be characterized by the certain contribution to its survival rate. "It is impossible", he continues, "for a theory not to have a referent or a goal outside itself, since 'pure' truth not only does not exist, it has no survival value whatsoever" (Wilden, 2003, p…
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