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Political Science Master

However, a reflective analysis of the constitutions of the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic Parties of Canada confirms that the party system in the nation clearly lacks a clear ideological distinction among the various parties. As H G Thorburn maintains, "the Canadian party system has lacked a clear ideological distinction between the two old parties. The traditional distinctions were: Conservatives for Britain, the monarchy, a hierarchically structured society, Protestantism, protective tariffs, and the Liberals, the observe-sympathetic to the United States, democracy, and freer trade, and open to Catholics, French Canadians, and immigrants. These crude distinctions never really fitted in a comprehensive way, but before the Second World War they used to be the generally understood distinctions that marked the old parties." (Thorburn, 210) Therefore, the Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic Parties of Canada have several ideologies in common and a comparative analysis of the constitutions of these parties confirms this fact. ...
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The political party system in Canada has played a major role in the democratic process in the country and the various political parties of the nation, when viewed together, constitute a system, with each playing a distinct role. In the contemporary political scenario, the major players of the system are the Liberal Party, Conservative Party and New Democratic Party…
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