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Democracy Promotion for Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism

Realism believes that democracy promotion is suspicious because states cannot be certain of the true intentions of democracy-promoting states and because the existence of a democratic international system is impossible (“Realism Introduction” 8, 15). Realism does not think that democracy can be trusted because it is someone else’s democracy. The U.S. is not only projecting values because its democracy promotion is projecting U.S. power too. At the same time, promoting democracy internationally is hardly attainable because there is no government authority that can enforce an international form of democracy (“Realism Introduction” 8). In particular, if the U.S. promotes democracy in the Middle East, and the projection of values can undermine the power structures in autocratic states, the latter would want to reduce American influence on cultural values and political systems. Others might create alliances to engage in war with more democratic states. The result could be violent conflicts where weak autocratic states attack weaker autocratic or more democratic states, in an attempt to block America’s democracy promotion in the region.
Liberalism promotes democracy that could lead to a strong, economically-interdependent international society. Economic liberalism believes that trade and economic interdependence can build peace (“Liberalism Introduction” 6). U.S. democratic values that positively impact the motivation for regional and international economic agreements for involved states are needed to establishing interdependency. ...
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The paper "Democracy Promotion for Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism" is aimed to describe the understanding of democracy from the points of view of realism, liberalism and constructivism and what point of view should Obama adhere to in his politics…
Author : gleichnerpeyton

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