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UAE and Saudi Arabia Governments

The first similarity is that there are no political parties in the two nations. That implies that there no political leaders elected by all citizen voters like is done in most democratic countries. Another similarity is in the running of the executive branches of their governments. In UAE, the executive is led by the President, his deputy, and the prime minister. It is the president who appoints the council of ministers. Saudi Arabia follows a similar style with its executive being headed by a King, Deputy Crown Prince, and the Heir Apparent Crown Prince to form the monarch. The three oversee the running of the government and appointment of ministers. The similarity can be because the two countries are Arabic and, therefore, share cultures. Another match between the two governments is in their judicial systems. Their judicial systems comprise of courts that are headed by judges to administer justice to their citizens. In Saudi Arabia, it is the monarch that appoints the judges following their approval judicially council referred to as the Supreme Judiciary Council. Similarly, a judicial council known as the Federal Supreme Council is the one that recommends judges for appointment by the president. Another common factor between the two countries is that they send diplomats to other countries all over the world. Likewise, they have diplomatic representation from other countries such as the U.S. The reason for their similarities is probably due to their geographical proximity. ...
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The writer of this paper "UAE and Saudi Arabia Governments" intends to describe some of the alike actions and systems exhibited by both the UAE and Saudi Arabia governments. The systems covered in the paper is political parties structure and judicial systems…
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