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Research Paper example - Managing Professional Boundaries and Dual Relationships

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Research Paper
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Managing Professional Boundaries and Dual Relationships Student The necessity for professional-client precincts to avert dual role risk differs according to specialty, profession and professional setting. The most collective aspect in most of the distinct types of therapeutic dual relationships is the probability for conflict of interest for the therapist, thus hampering his or her neutrality…

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The legal duty owed by the counselor to the client should be notably in his or her mind before considering entering into any multiple relationships with a client (Luchner et al, 2008). However, there are numerous ways through which a psychologist can manage professional boundaries and dual relationships. From an ethical standpoint, limits need to be espoused by psychologists as part of their dedication to the counseling relationship. If the psychologist cannot espouse this ethical standard it could result to suspension of his or her license or harm to the client. By sustaining an ethical stance within the area of limits in counseling associations, psychologists can serve the clients from a therapeutic standpoint. Koocher and Keith-Spiegel, as quoted in Corey et al (2011), allude that therapy relationship should continue to be a reservation in which clients can center on themselves and their requirements while receiving clean and clear response and direction. It is also significant for the psychologist to maintain an ongoing awareness of the significant changes in professional standards and local practices. ...
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