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social media use and stress relationship - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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The neutral answers of the participants could have affected the results of the study because 36.6% of the results of the study could…

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social media use and stress relationship

This could mean that teens to young adults outnumbered the group of participants for this research survey.
Table IV shows that the highest percentage of participants based on their degree level are the high school participants that accumulated 73.2% out of 71 respondents. This is followed by the seven percent of participants who had a bachelor’s degree, and 5.6 participants who have a graduate degree.
Table V shows that the generalizability of the participants could be stress which means that they be inconsistent and unpredictable which are positively correlated to their anxiety that could be shown up in their physical and emotional conditions. However, being stress and anxious psychologically and physically are negatively correlated to age, gender, and ethnicity or level of degree of the participants.
Table VI shows that there is a greater positive correlation of anxiety (physiological symptoms) and stress (psychological inconsistencies) after using the social media than before using the social media.
The results showed the significant differences of stress and anxiety to the impact of social media. The results had also found out the low negative correlation of anxiety and stress to the effects of gender (where females outnumbered the males) and age (where teens and young adults outnumbered the middle to late middlehood stage respondents). This could mean that females are more anxious and stress when using social media, especially to those who to teenagers. However, regardless of gender and age, respondents are stress in relation to its moderate and positive correlation after using the social media.
The findings of the study imply how it could affect the personal and social life of a person as its health and psychological condition starts to be imbalance (Das & Sahu, 2011). Accordingly, social networking sites are becoming rampantly negative. These ...
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