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Name: Kurk Craig Course Title: PHL 201 Major World Religion Date: 29 November 2013 Gender Role Movement of Shi’ite Women Specifying the gender roles within a society or a religion is important. In this way, responsibilities within the family and the whole society will be established.


There were two new major Islamic societies that emerged after Muhammad died, the Shi’a and Sunni. These societies are also Islamic in nature. It is difficult to identify a Shi’ite from a Sunni because they are almost the same in practice. More of their differences lie on the interpretation of some passages in the Quran that’s why there are some slight differences in their Islamic traditions (“The Legitimacy…”). Quran is the holy book of Islam religion. The Islamic societies strictly follow what is written in the book. Their way of living, principles in life, worship to God and allocation of roles are guided by the book (“The Legitimacy…”).Some passages in the book are not literal in nature that’s why there is difficulty in interpretation. This difficulty in interpretation resulted in differences of interpretation between Sunni and Shi’a. One of the differences is the interpretation of the role of women in the society. The role of women in society mostly circles in the marriage. There is a tradition called Mut’a wherein a woman is married to a man for pleasure in a certain agreed time. Also the man pays the woman according to the agreed payment (“The Legitimacy…”). This tradition was from one of the passages of Quran. ...
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