'He will come again to judge the living and the dead' Why is this statement in the Niceness Creed, how is it relevant and how do

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The function of the Nicene Creed to the faith of modern-day Christians Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction One of the persistent questions that face people, especially Christians is the issue of “what happens to an individual after death and whether their faith and devotion towards God makes sense anymore”.


These verses that are relatively confusing about the issue include Gen 37:35, Job 7:9 and Psalms 6:6; the verses present death as the movement of a person from the plane of the living to Sheol, and notes that life and God are not remembered at Sheol (Wright, 2007). This paper will discuss the role of the statement among the creeds, its relevance and its function in today’s Christian faith. Discussion These persistent questions are answered through the Nicene Creed, which became one of the strongholds of Christian faith and the foundation of many religious groups. The better answers to the questions emerged during the 2nd century, following an increase in the belief in the resurrection and the final judgement of the living as well as the dead (Wright, 2007). The basic belief that forms the fundamental principles of many Christian groups traces its roots to the Nicene Creed, which expressly states that the judgement of God will cover both the living as well as the dead. The creed sets the basis of the belief that the people, who die believing in God, do not lose out on their journey of faith; the believers who die will be resurrected during the judgement day, so that they can receive their reward. ...
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