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Paul and the Law: Focus on Galatians and Romans Table of Contents Introduction 3 Social Differentiation, ‘Otherness’ and the Discussion of Law 3 “Works of Law” 6 Galatians 8 Curse 8 Ritual 10 Romans 11 Food 12 Love 13 Some Thoughts on Modern Life and the Example of Christ 14 Conclusion 15 Bibliography 16 Paul and the Law: Focus on Galatians and Romans Introduction Mosaic Law has been an issue of contention between scholars in relationship to its role in Christian life.


What does seem clear is that the traditions of Mosaic Law have been placed outside of Christian life is distinguished from its Judaic heritage by replacing ritualistic worship to that of faith based worship. The place of the Law within Christian life, however, seems to have much less definition to modern readers. The following paper will first discuss the ways in which the life of Christ exemplified an ‘otherness’ that was difficult for new Christians to grasp without the condition of Mosaic Law to create ritual and order. The discussion will then focus on the Epistle to the Galatians and then the Epistle to the Romans in order to define what Paul said in relationship to law for the Church. Finally, an examination of the issue will bring to light how the letters written by Paul can be related to the Gospel revelations of the nature of Christ and his teachings to his followers. Through a look at faith based Salvation and the need for order through Law, the writings of Paul can be used to help uncover Mosaic Law traditions in relationship to the new responsibilities and freedoms of the followers of Christ. ...
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