Hindu Tradition & Christian Thought & Greek Philosophical Thought.

Hindu Tradition & Christian Thought & Greek Philosophical Thought. Research Paper example
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Explanation of the Creative Project The Critical Essay ‘Motion Picture and Religion: A Punchy Amalgam” examines the impact of the Indian Hindu religion on the Hindu films produced in the country. Hinduism has always had a great influence on Indian society, right from the ancient times.


This is where the different forms of art and media play an important role. The various artistic mediums of expression in India like literature, music, theatre, cinema etc. have always tried to reflect the contemporary trends prevailing in the Indian society. However, the art forms have another social responsibility also. Many creative endeavors have been made based upon a socially relevant subject and the art medium has been used to spread the social message among the viewers of the artistic medium. In this way, the wide reach of the art mediums are used to propagate certain influential ideas in society. The short story “Attitude determines Altitude” describes how the lives of two young boys were positively influenced by a Hindi mythological film. The story provides an example of how the medium of cinema can spread the influence of Indian religion and mythology to a greater audience. The present generation of young Indians is used to living a hectic life right from their childhood, where they are burdened with their education and other extra-curricular pursuits. Naturally, they do not have the time to explore the rich traditions of Indian culture and religion. However, Hindi films have always been very popular among the youth. Therefore, the Hindi cinematic medium can be utilized to educate the young Indians in their country’s religious traditions. ...
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