Role of Fellowship in Christian Spiritual Healing

Role of Fellowship in Christian Spiritual Healing Dissertation example
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Many therapy practices like medical intervention, counseling and prayer have received the attention of researchers. There are subjects on healing and fellowship which are studied by many authors as well, for example, Louw et al (1994).


Warren 2002:138 has captured the importance of fellowship as he states, “God intends for us to experience life together”. This concept of togetherness and shared experience is referred to as ‘fellowship’ in the bible.
The focus of this research is to explore the role of fellowship in spiritual healing. Though the researcher is not really interested in doing research just for the sake of doing it but because of the personal attachment researcher has with the topic itself. The researcher is prepared and committed to the subject and has a passion in the said area which has made the researcher impatient to see the contribution this study will make to the existing body of literature as well as to the society. Müller (1999:3) rightly says “to do research is not an easy task because of curiosity I could venture into a world of the “unknown” where a treasure, surprise, or a shock might be hidden”.
By using the narrative approach, this research intends to venture with fellow travelers into their known world which they never knew or seen before. Based on the statement, “Life is a journey” we journey both separately and collectively, this research aims to venture into the world of exploring the “Role of Fellowship in Christian Spiritual Healing”. ...
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